Beacon is the exclusive UK & Eire supplier for Fiction climbing holds and climbing wall volumes.

Beautifully sculptured climbing holds with high grip textured designs that provide extra friction for slippery fingers and hands.

Designed by global climbing hold supremos HRT, the Fiction climbing hold range combines the latest climbing hold technology with engaging technical shapes that often require additional thought (and a bit of finger shuffling) to hit the sweet spot.

Tried and tested at Beacon Climbing Centre and numerous other climbing centres throughout the UK. Climbers love them.

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Beautifully Sculptured Holds & Volumes


Choose from over 100 different climbing hold sets all moulded in PE resin and incorporating the latest climbing hold technologies including the safety coil system and stainless steel bolt inserts.

PE resin is the benchmark material for climbing holds supplied to the UK market providing the best combination of surface texture feel, surface wear resistance and colour resilience with low manufacturing costs.

Fiction Climbing Holds


Choose from 20+ different GRP climbing wall volumes featuring the same beautifully sculptured and textured surface finish as the Fiction climbing hold range.

Tried and tested GRP technology produces lightweight, hollow back volumes at a great price that are particularly suited for mounting on plywood climbing walls. The volumes are easily installed with screws and their location and position can be changed at any time.

Fiction Climbing Wall Volumes

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Features & Technology


All Fiction climbing holds from size small and larger are fitted with a safety coil manufactured into the hold. In the unlikely event that a climbing hold should break in use, the safety coil binds the broken pieces together and prevents large parts of the hold falling to the ground and injuring people below.
HRT Climbing Hold Safety Coil System


An HRT innovation, this revolutionary stainless steel insert is fitted into all bolt-on Fiction climbing holds and allows the use of both countersunk and cap head bolts. By spreading the internal stresses more evenly around the bolt hole, climbing hold strength increased by as much as 300 percent during testing.
HRT Climbing Hold Universal Bolt Insert


Every Fiction climbing hold is individually inspected and stamped with a traceable quality control stamp on the base of the hold along with the date of manufacture. Samples from batches of holds are regularly tested to failure in order to ensure stringent manufacturing standards are consistently maintained.
HRT Quality Control


Most Fiction climbing holds are manufactured using polyester (PE) resin. This is the benchmark material for climbing holds supplied to the UK market. Fiction’s advanced  CX200 compound combines the best combination of surface texture feel, surface wear resistance and colour resilience with low manufacturing costs.


All larger Fiction climbing holds denoted (PU) are moulded in polyurethane with a lightweight hollow back design. Not only is PU significantly lighter than PE making route setting with large holds easier, it is also stronger and more durable. Additionally PU is also flexible making it less prone to chipping and breaking.


All Fiction climbing holds are available in a choice of 14 different colours. GRP climbing volumes are available in 9 different colours. Orders placed with us are manufactured on a per order basis, meaning that there are never any limitations on colour choice or stock availability. View the colour chart HERE.